Bring Europe back to the streets

Europe seems to be far away and ambiguous to many of us. But remember. You are Europe. Together we make and decide what Europe is and in which direction it moves. That’s why we decided to bring Europe back to the streets. To you.

Representing Europe

We need to bring back our work to people, to the block, to the streets, to people’s homes

Europe and the overseas territories

We aim to bring the voice of our people overseas to Brussels, the heart of European decision-making.

Many EU Member states remain connected to their overseas countries and territories such as the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its Caribbean constituency.

Renewing Europe at the Parliament

Together with more than a hundred MEPs, we are on a mission to progress and change Europe for the better.

We fight for topics varying from women’s rights, access to safe and legal abortions to full economic participation of our citizens and youth.

International Missions Abroad

Chile, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and many more. What do they mean for Europe and what does Europe mean to them? 

Find more about our latest missions in which we try to build new and better relationships that prove to be useful for our constituency back and the world.

‘We need to shine extra light on a new, modern and progressive generation within Renew Europe’

– Samira Rafaela (MEP)

The new generation

Fighting for the fundamental rights of EU citizens

A fight for equal pay for men and women sounds more than reasonable, right? Unfortunately, Europe lacks female representation at the highest levels and a pay gap of more than 14% on average. Part of our fight for fundamental rights is translated in full societal participation in which everyone deserves an equal pay for their contribution to society.

Combatting Racism and discrimination

The new generation needs us to fight hard for the fundamental rights of all EU citizens & against racism and discrimination. Institutional racism and most notably the Dutch childcare benefit scandal are among painful but real forms of racism that need to be fixed. Europe is stronger with its diversity and many of our citizens need to feel better included and represented. 

The right to safe and legal abortion

We need access to safe and legal abortions. The situation in the US has shown that women rights are still used for a conservative agenda at the cost of the wellbeing of our women. We need to anchor these rights in the core EU treaties.

Protecting our climate and the OCT’s

While the European continent just started to feel the consequences of global climate change, the OCT’s have already been suffering from rising sea levels, the loss of ecosystems and other forms of climate change, resulting also in economic losses to our citizens. Our people in the OCT’s are at the forefront of our fight against climate change.


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