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Renew Europe is the group of progressives and liberals within the European Parliament. With more than a hundred MEPs, the group is a driving force in making deals for legislation that advances the reformist, progressive European agenda.

Many of these legislative proposals should have been made earlier and it is therefore time to make them happen. These times ask for serious leadership and one that dares to go to the fullest to pass legislation that is needed to combat climate change, prevent the next pandemic and preserve the economic opportunity for Europeans and those that are at the continent and OCTs.

For that, we need to Renew everything we do, and everything can. It is time to represent the voices on the streets. 

Together with Samira Rafaela, you can follow this page to see how to bring Europe back to its core and the people on the street. Samira Rafaela is a young, ambitious, and determined representative and the first from the Dutch oversea Islands to enter the European Parliament.

Born to a Nigerian Muslim father and Jewish Dutch Caribbean mother, Samira knows what it is to carry the voice of people with different identities. For too long people have thought that everything can be put in boxes, but the world is much more colorful and interlinked than one might imagine.

Samira has been in Parliament for three and half years and so far she has been able to finalize the modernization of the EU-Chile Trade Agreement, pass legislation that ensures equal pay transparency for women and men alike, and is committed to fighting discrimination and racism within the EU, with the Dutch Childcare benefit scandal being the most unfortunate example to what institutional racism can lead to. 

The time has come to shake things up.

Women’s rights are still not a given, with the conservative agenda being pushed to control women’s bodies. That battle is tough but will be won by all of us united and voicing our opinions to strengthen core human rights and principles at the continents and the OCTs.


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