Protecting our climate and the OCT’s

While the European continent just started to feel the consequences of global climate change, the OCT’s have already been suffering from rising sea levels, the loss of ecosystems and other forms of climate change, resulting also in economic losses to our citizens. Our people in the OCT’s are at the forefront of our fight against climate change.

The current Decision on the Overseas Association including Greenland (DOAG) was adopted on 5 October 2021.

This new decision merges and simplifies two previous instruments:  the 2014 Overseas Association Decision financed by the European Development Fund prior to 2021, and the 2013 Greenland Decision funded by the EU budget. This has resulted in a single instrument with the same source of financing – the EU budget – for all OCTs. It includes specific provisions guiding the partnership with Greenland.

The EU OCT partnership is underpinned by €500 million of available support for the period 2021-2027 allocated as follows:

  • €164 million for bilateral cooperation with OCTs other than Greenland
  • €225 million for t bilateral cooperation with Greenland
  • €76 million for regional cooperation, of which €15 million are allocated to intra-regional cooperation of OCTs with their non-OCT neighbours, Greenland being eligible only for intra-regional operations
  • €22 million for studies and technical assistance measures
  • €13 million in a non-allocated fund for unforeseen circumstances, emerging challenges, and new international priorities.  Reflows from the former OCT Investment Facility (max €35 million) will be added

Informed by in-depth political and policy dialogue, 16 Multiannual Indicative Programmes (MIPs) are adopted by the Commission framing the cooperation 2021-2027 of the EU with our OCT partners. They build on territorial development plans of the OCTs as well as EU policy priorities.

Around up to 40% of the overall DOAG resources will be mobilized for Green Deal cooperation, such as renewable energy, water management, disaster risk reduction, sustainable agriculture as well as green and blue growth. Human development/education will also be a major area of cooperation accounting for over 40% of the total OCT envelope for 2021-2027. One of the two priority areas of the Greenland MIP is dedicated to education, with an allocation of €202.5 million. In addition, the EU advances with their OCT partners the digital transition, promotes good jobs and sustainable growth and, more generally in the spirt of the Global Gateway strategy, better connects our OCT partners with their neighbours and the wider world. Cooperation is rolled out in a Team Europe spirit and approach working closely together with Member States.